Valley Christian Fellowship began in October of 1984 as a small home Bible study consisting of twenty people. This soon led to the necessity of finding a larger facility to hold services, and the group decided to use the gymnasium at Sequoia School. The original intention was to rent the gymnasium temporarily -- they stayed there for twelve years!

Just as each Israelite tribe of the Old Testament had a specific job when building the Tabernacle, there were specific tasks for each member of the group to do in order to prepare for services each Sunday. Everything had to be set up and taken down every single week. Memories include the use of duct tape to secure all the sound equipment wires to the gym floor. Then, following services every week, the tape would be pulled up and made into a large ball and the young boys would use this to play basketball after church.

In 1986, the body had accumulated $30,000 in a building fund. A suggestion was made to donate it to missions since there were no building plans at that time, so the entire amount was donated to a missions fund. Then, in 1989, escrow was opened by two members of the body on the present property with the intention of subdividing it for homes. They changed their plans and offered it to the church. However, we would need to raise $50,000 in three weeks to close escrow. At this time, there was only $1,000 in the building fund. The body was made aware of the need, and three weeks later, God provided the entire amount through tithes and gifts! All twelve acres were purchased, including the house that is currently the church office. Giving away the building fund to missions was a huge step of faith, but God was abundantly faithful in providing funds for what would become Valley Christian Fellowship.

In 1995, the property balance was paid in full and construction began at VCF. By December of that year, the walls, which are uniquely constructed and built as tilt-up concrete walls, were put in place. They are held in place by steel poles which are secured into the foundation slab by bolts. The night the walls were set in place, the strongest winds ever recorded in Redding were clocked at 85mph. Some of the bolts began pulling out of the slab as the winds pushed against the walls. The co-owner of the pre-cast concrete business admitted that he believed the walls would collapse under the pressure. When the men returned in the morning, the walls were still standing, and we gave praise for God's provision.

The current downstairs portion of the building was completed in June of 1996. The second phase of construction on the upstairs was completed in 1999. This phase was again paid in full with donations from the body. On one Sunday alone, an offering was collected to purchase all the carpeting, chairs and furniture. During 2001-2002, a storage building on the north side of the Sanctuary was added along with the multi-purpose field and outdoor amphitheater in the back.

A shade structure dedicated as the "Tabernacle" and landscaped lawn area was added in front of the church in 2014. It is truly amazing to witness God's gracious hand of provision for us at Valley Christian Fellowship!