We exist to reach the lost, teach biblical truths, grow people for ministry and encourage one another as we journey through life. Our theme is Koinonia which means “authentic fellowship”, “a communion, “a united brotherhood.” It was used as a description of the first church after Jesus ascended into heaven and it gives us an outline of the tasks we should be dedicated to as the church. Fellowship is God’s people getting together and sharing the life of Jesus Christ with its victories and trials not in a superficial or surface level way, but in a way that requires acceptance, honesty, humility, confession, forgiveness, restoration, encouragement and most importantly love. Koinonia is a unity brought about by the Holy Spirit and in koinonia the individual shares this intimate bond of fellowship with the rest of believers. Koinonia cements the believers to the Lord Jesus Christ and to each other which is what we are pursuing here. Our hope is that students graduate from our group knowing more about Jesus and having been encouraged, empowered and equipped greatly along the way.

Sundays 10:30am-12pm

Thursdays 6-8pm

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